How We Tested Sandals

Tommy Penick
Review Editor

Last Updated:
May 15, 2018
Hiking Sandals have a huge variety of uses, from casual wear and technical hikes to stream crossings and finding your favorite summer swimming hole. This huge range of uses made testing these shoes a challenge, but we utilized one of our favorite waterfall hikes in the Appalachians. Starting with a flat fire road hike, the road dramatically changes into a steep, terrifyingly loose billy goat trail that descends into the river gorge. The loose rocks quickly change into slickened bedrock, covered in river sludge, and a final push brings you to a series of beautiful, jumpable waterfalls. While for most folks this endeavor is pursued once annually, we lapped the hike with these shoes, putting them through an amazing array of terrain where we could have precise calculations on how they compared.

In addition to our direct comparison, we sported these products throughout our daily lives, wearing them thin as we tested their durability and persistence throughout the shoe's life. Some of the shoes we've had the pleasure of testing for more than four years.