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Jade Fusion Review

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat
Price:   $125 List | $124.95 at REI
Pros:  Traction in dry and wet conditions; natural feeling on the hands and feet; extremely comfortable; environmentally friendly.
Cons:  Yeavy, not for the urban yogi; can take a long time to dry and will break down if left in the sun; expensive.
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Manufacturer:   Jade

Our Verdict

Review Archived
Our 2013 review (below) compares that year's Fusion with other mats of that vintage.
See our more updated yoga mat reviews here.

The Jade Fusion is the Rolls Royce of Yoga Mats. It is simultaneously heavy in features, heavy in price, and, well, just plain heavy. We absolutely love practicing on this mat in both more restorative as well as heated Power Yoga classes. However, we question whether the bulky package is worth lugging around town (a lot of weight for a 10-block walk to the studio).

Tree hugging hippies like myself can take solace in the fact that the Jade Fusion (in fact all Jade Yoga Mats) are made with natural sustainably farmed rubber, manufactured in the USA by an extremely earth-friendly, socially conscious company. As a corporation Jade is committed to the health of its customers and to the preservation of this planet, and all its inhabitants.

For urban yogis that practice Power Yoga we recommend the Fusion's sister product, Jade Harmony Professional. However, if you are looking for a Yoga or Pilates mat for your home studio, a mat that will flatten and level out uneven surfaces, or a studio mat that provides extra comfort, support, and amazing wet-traction, this is the mat for you.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Brian Blum

Last Updated:
January 25, 2013



The Jade Fusion provides the best wet and dry traction of any mat tested. Whether practicing in a cooler 50F outdoor climate or pushing the limits of surface tension in a 105F heated vinyasa class, the Jade provides by far the best "stick", wet and dry, of any mat out there.

Buy a Yoga Mat — We Plant a Tree; Off the Mat, Into the World; Africa Yoga project; Global Mala; Art of Yoga Program; and the list of organizations Jade has worked with and directly supports just goes on and on. With respect to our planet's health, Jade joins companies like Patagonia in both environmental and social responsibility. Constructed from a renewable resource, natural rubber, this mat contains no PVC or ozone depleting substances, is made in the USA in compliance with all U.S. Environmental and labor laws, and is packaged in minimal packaging made from recycled material. We absolutely love this company!

This mat is offered in four earthy hues and two lengths (68" and 74"). We highly recommend the 74" mat for anyone 6' or taller. Weighing in at around seven or eight pounds (dependent on length), this mat easily flattens grass and neutralizes uneven surfaces. We found that using this mat in tall grass, normally not conducive to yoga, provides a great experience.

All Jade products are made with open cell, natural rubber, and in the case of the Jade Fusion, it provides a 5/16" thick surface that feels great on your hands and offers a perfect balance of grip for wet and dry traction, firmness for stability, and cushion for comfort. The benefit of this open-celled porous surface is that it absorbs sweat readily, keeping you from sliding around as sweat oozes out of your pores. The drawback of this open-cell technology is that oils and bacteria accumulate in the mat, making it desirable to give the mat a periodic deep cleaning.


We absolutely love the comfort this mat provides, but in general at 5/16" thick we feel this mat is a little heavier than a yoga mat needs to be. Since we often walk long distances with our mat to practice, we prefer the Jade Harmony Professional, which is only 3/16" thick but offers enough cushion to satisfy us in virtually all styles of practice.

Speaking to others who own, or have owned Jade mats in the past, we have heard that over time the rubber begins to degrade and pieces shed off. We have also spoken with people that have used theirs for years with no problem. We surmise that if left in the sun, the natural rubber will begin to break down, so storing the mat out of the sun is critical to increasing its longevity.

The reason this mat is so sticky when wet is that it acts as a giant sponge and absorbs moisture quite readily. Inherent in this benefit, however, this open cell technology will allow in oils, bacteria, and other things that must be cleaned out from time to time. The cleaning process is not too bad, although without drying in the sun (the mat will break down), it can take quite some time for this mat to dry (as long as 2-3 days in some cases).


We have all heard the expression "you get what you pay for." In this case it is absolutely true. This mat is definitely not cheap — in fact it's the most expensive mat we reviewed. But for the price of one month of unlimited yoga you (and the earth) will most definitely reap the benefits of an amazing product.
Brian Blum

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