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Onzie Capri Pant Review

Onzie Capri Pant
Best Buy Award
Price:   $56 List | $36.37 at Backcountry
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Pros:  Lightweight, breathable, many colorful design options
Cons:  Fabric is slippery if not wet, little support or structure
Bottom line:  Great pant for hot yoga or anyone who sweats a lot.
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Material:  82% Polyester / 18% Spandex
Key Pocket:  No
Features:  Swimsuit-like material
Manufacturer:   Onzie

Our Verdict

The Onzie Capri Pant was our testers' favorite thing to wear in the hot room, and also one of the most affordable pairs in this review. If you do any type of heated yoga you know that your outfit can make or break your practice. Non-breathable and confining clothing prevents you from cooling off and leaves you a sweaty and uncomfortable mess. There's a reason why seasoned hot Yogis wear as little as possible in their sweaty boxes of pain, uh, yoga rooms, though not everyone likes to practice half-naked. These leggings are lightweight and breathable, and offer a perfect compromise - you can practice fully clothed but still feel cool. They feel more like a swimsuit for your legs than yoga pants, and like a swimsuit they dry quickly and don't retain heat. What these pants don't offer is much support or structure, and the silky material is a little slippery when dry, making arm balances tricky if you are not saturated with sweat. What really stands out about this pair is the price. They retail for $56, a significant bargain when compared to other pairs in the $80-90 range. If you can't bring yourself to shell out as much for a pair of yoga pants as you do for a fancy pair of jeans or work pants, then these are the capris for you, and for this we've given them our Best Buy award.

Update - August 2017
This favorite yoga pant is offered in a new selection of colors for this year. Keep reading to find out more!

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Cam McKenzie Ring

Last Updated:
December 15, 2016


New Colors for 2017

While no longer offered in the pattern we tested, there are similarly bright and fun patterns! There are at least ten colors of the standard Capri Pant, including a classic black, as well as a host of variations ranging up to $69 in price. The Capri pant is offered with pockets, an elastic waistband, ballerina ties at the calf, mesh cutouts, and more.

Take a look at our side-by-side comparison. On the left is the new Late Night, compared to the pattern we reviewed on the right.
Onzie Capri Pant
Onzie Capri Pant

Hands-On Review

The Onzie Capri Pant is made of 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex. They have a low-rise waist and are available in four sizes: X/S, S/M, M/L and L/L.
Our Best Buy winner is made with a paper-thin swimsuit material (that's not see-through!)  keeping you cool even when the heat is cranking  without breaking the bank.
Our Best Buy winner is made with a paper-thin swimsuit material (that's not see-through!), keeping you cool even when the heat is cranking, without breaking the bank.


The Onzie Capri Pant received our highest score for breathability. The fabric is almost tissue thin (but not see-through!), which lets any moisture you are generating saturate through immediately and then evaporate. For this reason, this pair was by far our favorite option for the hot room. No more feeling like you are practicing in sodden sweatpants. The material does not change color when wet, which we appreciated when sweating out a quart or more. As we discovered in our testing process, some fabrics and color options change color more noticeably than others when wet. This led to some embarrassing classes in the Soybu Killer Caboose Pant and the Prana Audrey pant, where it looked like we'd peed ourselves by the end of a non-heated class. So when it comes to hot yoga, we want something that is breathable and masks the sweat that is sure to pour of us.

One of the best things about these tights is that they are so light you don't really notice that you are wearing them. They weigh barely anything, and you'll really notice that difference in the hot room. Many hot yoga practitioners prefer to wear small shorts when practicing as long pants or capris feel confining in the heat, but others prefer to be slightly more covered and then have to suffer (even more!) as a result. These pants solve that problem — they cover you all the way to mid-calf but feel like the lightest of layers on your skin. They also feel almost completely dry by the end of Final Savasana. No more carrying a five-pound pair of soaked pants home in your yoga bag. These pants have a unique silky feel to them, so if you prefer the feel of "regular" yoga pants and/or want something in more muted designs, then the 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex are almost as breathable as this pair and a good second choice.

Can you tell which of these legs is wet? These leggings mask any signs of sweat  are breathable  and quick to dry.
Can you tell which of these legs is wet? These leggings mask any signs of sweat, are breathable, and quick to dry.

Ease of Movement

The silky material of these pants moved with us every which way and never limited our movements, earning it an 8 out of 10 score in Ease of Movement. The waistband is wide but the material itself is thin, so it doesn't bunch up or get in the way of forward bends. We did actually take a few points off this pant's ease of movement score for one reason: the material is slippery when dry. This makes it more difficult to hold some arm balances like Bakasana (Crow Pose), where the friction between the material covering your knees and your armpits helps you hold the pose. Once the material is wet the friction improves, but is still on the slick side. Purists might argue that any aid from your yoga pants in these difficult poses is cheating, but we prefer our pants to help us out rather than hinder us. If you prefer a little friction for more challenging poses, then the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop III pants are better in this department.

These pants can move in any which way  but the material is a little slippery when dry.
These pants can move in any which way, but the material is a little slippery when dry.

Comfort & Fit

The Onzie Capri Pant scored near the top of the pack for this category as well. The smooth material feels light and airy against your skin, and the pants fit well without being constricting. The material doesn't give much uplift though; they are tighter than the 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex pant but not as constricting as the Lululemon Wunder Under Crop III. That means if you're looking for some shaping or tummy control from your yoga pants, you're not likely to get it from this pair. We did appreciate the elastic strip in the waistband — the similar Teeki Hot Pant doesn't have that elastic and as a result tends to slide down and/or let your tummy fall out of it. The silky material on the Onzie feels nice against the skin but is not as cozy as the soft material on the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Long Legging, our Top Pick for All-Day Comfort, but those pants don't actually work well for vigorous yoga classes due to their lack of breathability.

The Onzie Capri Pant is only available in four sizes: X/S, S/M, M/L, and L/L. While the material is stretchy and these options encompass a range of sizes, there isn't an option for very small or larger ladies. One of our petite testers even found the X/S size on the baggy side. If you need more sizing options than these, our Editors' Choice winner, the Lucy Studio Hatha Capri Legging, is a better choice. They offer a range of sizes from XXS to 3X, as well as Short, Regular and Tall inseam lengths on their full-length Lucy Studio Hatha Legging.

The waistband is wide and stays in place thanks to an elastic band on the top.
The waistband is wide and stays in place thanks to an elastic band on the top.


We were concerned when we first tried these pants that they would not hold up well in the long term. The thin material looks like it could easily wear through, and/or the print would fade away leaving you with the dreaded see-through behind. Thankfully, this was not the case and these pants withstood the rigors of repeated use and washing. One of our tester's personal pair has been in her weekly rotation for over a year now and she hasn't noticed any issues with fading or tearing. The smooth-faced material is not prone to pilling, the bane of many a yogini. We do worry that the thin material won't hold up to other activities, like hiking or rock climbing, so if you are looking for a pair to use for multiple applications, then the Prana Audrey or Soybu Killer Caboose Pant is a better choice. The Audrey pant is thicker and better suited to hiking or other sports where you might catch a snag or be rough on your pants.

Yoga is notoriously hard on clothing - all of the movements and then repeated washing can quickly cause fading or pills to form. We've had many pairs of these pants over the years and have yet to experience either of those two issues.
Yoga is notoriously hard on clothing - all of the movements and then repeated washing can quickly cause fading or pills to form. We've had many pairs of these pants over the years and have yet to experience either of those two issues.


There is no question, you will turn some heads in these pants. The bright patterns are colorful and attractive, but also not for everyone. These are only available in Black as a solid color, so if you prefer to keep it plain, your options are limited in these pants. The style of these pants also limits their versatility — you might feel awkward stopping at the grocery store on the way home from class. For this reason, we've given these pants lower score for style.

Best Applications

These were hands down our favorite pair to wear in a heated yoga room. If you're tired of overheating in a heavier pair of pants, or wearing shorts as your only other option, give these pants a try as you'll be pleasantly surprised. They also work well for unheated yoga, though the material is slippery when not wet, which makes arm balances more challenging.

If you're working on locking it out and touching your forehead to your knee  then this capri is the pant for you.
If you're working on locking it out and touching your forehead to your knee, then this capri is the pant for you.


These pants retail for $56, which is a nice break from the $85 and up models we see in the industry these days. Frankly, we probably wouldn't want to pay more than $56 for these pants, as there doesn't seem to be much in terms of construction or materials used that warrants a much higher price. Considering that you'll need a least a few of these in your closet if you are a regular yoga practitioner, it's nice to give your wallet a break with this pair. They are more expensive than the 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex pant ($22), but considering how much better the Onzies performed compared to the Power Flex, these were a no brainer for our Best Buy award.


If you love your yoga classes with a side of sweat, and won't stretch unless the heater is cranking, then the Onzie Capri Pant is the one to wear. This pair will keep you covered without feeling constricting or making you overheat, and you'll look good and the same time.

Other Versions

Onzie Long Legging
  • Ankle length version of this pant
  • Available in a variety of prints and Black
  • Sizes X/S, S/M, and M/L only
  • $65

Onzie Side String Shorts
Side String Shorts
  • Same thin, breathable material.
  • One size only - side ties pull shorts longer or shorter.
  • 2.75 in inseam
  • $45
Cam McKenzie Ring

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