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Moses Tomahawk Review

Moses Tomahawk - Straight
Price:   $13 List
Pros:  Easy to clean, thick cable, good for hand placements
Cons:  Don't come in bigger sizes
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Manufacturer:   Moses Enterprises

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Review by:
Chris McNamara

Last Updated:
May 13, 2010

The Tomahawk is an awesome new thin piton for aid climbing and big wall climbing. It has a number of design features never seen in this category of piton. It comes in three models: left, right and straight. This means that when placed in a corner, they are much easier to clean. This means less fixed pieces and, more importantly, less damage to the rock when cleaning. One simple yet awesome feature is that these come with #3 cable, not the #2 cable that comes on the Black Diamond Pecker. The #2 cable wears out way too fast and needs to be replaced; the #3 cable is much more bomber. As a bonus, the hole is drilled big enough that you can replace the #3 cable with #4 cable if you want super super cable durability. While mainly intended for hammered placements, the curved shape allows for bomber hand placements for clean aid. These come at a great price, only $13, which is $5 less than the Black Diamond Pecker. The one advantage that the Pecker has is that it comes in big sizes. Those big sizes can be nice, especially on hard sandstone routes. In granite, the big sizes are not as useful. — Chris McNamara
Chris McNamara