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Black Diamond Cliffhanger Review

Black Diamond Cliffhanger
Price:   $14 List | $13.95 at Amazon
Pros:  Great for medium-sized edges
Cons:  None
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Manufacturer:   Black Diamond

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Review by:
Chris McNamara

Last Updated:
May 4, 2010

The Black Diamond Cliffhanger is the most classic hook design out there. The first hook widely used on Yosemite big walls was very similar to this. The difference is that this new version has little prongs at the base that make it more stable. This is a very useful hook. I find that usually I reach for the Black Diamond Grappling Hook instead of this one. But, it is still good to have this. On some routes that have drilled hook placements, it may be mandatory to have a homemade pointed version of this hook.
Chris McNamara