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Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt Review

Price:   $100 List | $91.72 at Amazon
Pros:  Inexpensive for a large model, wheels improve portability
Cons:  Not particularly durable, not as easy to roll as some other wheeled models
Bottom line:  A good option if you're looking for an inexpensive large model, but other wheeled models roll better
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Manufacturer:   Coleman

Our Verdict

Being able to wheel a big box of chilled beverages to the end of a pier is a great thing, and the Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt somewhat delivers on that promise. The wheels allow for some extra mobility, but when fully loaded this behemoth is still fairly hard to roll. It's fine for moving around the campsite, but if you're planning on rolling any significant distance we would recommend upgrading to the Igloo Glide PRO 110qt. It costs a little more, but provides a much smoother and more hassle free roll.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
OutdoorGearLab Review Team

Last Updated:
February 8, 2018

The namesake wheels of the Coleman Wheeled didn't particularly impress us, but it is a decent overall value if you're looking for a very large cooler on the cheap.

Performance Comparison

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled scored overall in the middle of the pack after our testing process was complete.

In the following sections we discuss how the Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled fared in all of the different tests we used to determine our overall scores.


The Coleman Wheeled performed quite well in our insulation testing, earning a score of 6 out of 10. It held temperatures below 40˚F for a full 3.5 days. This was much shorter than a number of the smaller (65-70qt) cooler we tested, but that was to be expected, as the Coleman Wheeled had much more air space in our test to keep cool. For a more apt comparison it was neck and neck with the other larger cooler we tested, the Igloo Glide PRO, breaking the 40˚F mark a mere few hours before the Igloo. We feel confident that if the Coleman Wheeled had been completely loaded with ice and pre chilled food it would have lasted longer in our test, and its baseline performance is already enough to get you through a long holiday weekend.


As you might expect from a relatively inexpensive large cooler, the Coleman Wheeled did not score so highly in our durability testing. It earned a 4 out of 10, putting it just above the worst score in the test. It in general has the construction of an inexpensive cooler, with relatively flimsy plastic hinges, plastic handles that feel like they could break under a heavy load (this is mentioned in many online user reviews), and a latchless, press fit lid. The lid itself is strong enough that we felt comfortable sitting on it, but it did bend when we put some weight on it. The wheels rolled well, but felt less robust than the wheels on the Igloo Glide PRO.

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled's construction is that of a standard cooler you'd find at any hardware store.
The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled's construction is that of a standard cooler you'd find at any hardware store.

Ease of Use

The Coleman Wheeled was about average in our ease of use testing, scoring a 6 out of 10. We found it quite easy to drain, largely due to the fact that the cooler can pivot on its wheels. The drain itself poured smoothly and didn't cause any errant splashing. The lid also stayed open, even when we were aggressively rummaging for that last cold one. However that same lid could sometimes be difficult to open as the press fit latch could get stuck. Despite it sometimes getting stuck the lid was not secure enough to stay shut when driving on bouncy roads, so if it tips over in the back of your car you're SOL.


The Coleman Wheeled benefited from its namesake wheels in our portability testing, earning it a 6 out of 10. The wheels and associated handle made it fairly easy to wheel this cooler around the campsite. However, the relatively short, hinged plastic handle forces a lot of the weight onto your hands instead of putting it on the wheels. The other large wheeled cooler we tested, the Igloo Glide PRO, was much easier to roll in comparison, as its long, rigid handle lends more leverage and balances the weight over the wheels better. However, the Coleman Wheeled is a bit smaller and lighter than the Igloo (18 vs 26 pounds), so it ended up with the same score. However, if you're looking for something that is easy to roll around, we would definitely recommend the Igloo over the Igloo Glide PRO.

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled is a bit large  and it's handles are a bit small  for a one person carry.
The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled is a bit large, and it's handles are a bit small, for a one person carry.


In terms of extra features the Igloo Glide PRO has wheels and an extended handle to use with hose wheels. This earned it a score of 6 out of 10 in our features test.


The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt lists for $100, which is only $30 less than the Igloo Glide PRO, our favorite wheeled cooler. If you want something that is easy to roll, then you'd be much better off spending the extra $30 in the Glide PRO. However, if you're not concerned with rolling performance and just want a relatively inexpensive 100 quart cooler, than the Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt is a good value.


The Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt is a fairly inexpensive 100 quart cooler, but the Igloo Glide PRO rolls much more easily and provides the same insulative performance.
OutdoorGearLab Review Team

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