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Editors' Choice Award
This is an excellent umbrella that will serve well in many situations, for a long time
Top Pick Award
This is an awesome, durable, and light umbrella, excellent for trekking, and fun looking for urban use as well.
Top Pick Award
This compact umbrella is easy to use and will stand up to a variety of weather conditions.
Best Buy Award
This umbrella is an outstanding deal; simple, light, and it will outlast all similar inexpensive drug store models.
Top Pick Award
This is a fun umbrella, well made, and which provides excellent rain protection.
The GustBuster does great in high winds, but the manufacturing was not as good as others in this review.
This umbrella is well made, with great materials, but misses the mark as a go-to trekking or compact travel umbrella.
The EEZ-Y is a decent umbrella but doesn't live up to claims about wind performance.
This is an interesting twist on an old standard with an inverted canopy to minimize dripping.
This umbrella is light and compact, but best thought of as emergency use only, as it cannot withstand winds or frequent use.
The Blunt is a charming umbrella made of durable materials, but the shape reduces its rain protection.
The Senz has a fun look but does not provide a lot of rain coverage and is difficult to store.