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Editors' Choice Award
These boots easily won our testers' hearts due to their uncompromisingly solid construction, comfort, and warmth.
Top Pick Award
These boots are too much for urban use, but are perfect for those who require top-notch warmth and water resistance.
Best Buy Award
If you're looking for a classic rubber rain boot, this is the best one we've found (and for a great price).
If you need solid work boots for big jobs, these will keep you safe and comfortable.
With a few tweaks this boot would be nearly perfect, but as it is, it comes in just under our favorite pairs.
Beloved by Alaskan fishermen (and fisherwomen), these boots are great, but may not be ideal for landlubbers.
Despite their impressive build quality, we ultimately didn't think these boots were as practical as other options.
Top Pick Award
These bad boys fit the bill when you need to get away with wearing rain boots to work.
Get this boot if you don't need much water resistance, but want to keep your feet dry around the city.
Unless you need a rain boot for very limited use, these aren't worth their minimal cost.
This model is an option for those who are looking for a low boot and are turned off by the Bogs Carson's narrower fit.