The Best Sun Hats for Hiking

The Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat and Ultra Adventure are both cape style hats that are a great choice for backpacking.
Looking to protect your face from harmful UV radiation? We've got you "covered"! We looked at dozens of different sun hats and then purchased the top 10 for our comparison tests. We wore them across a range of environments and locales, from hot desert landscapes to high alpine peaks, with some water use in between. Our side-by-side tests helped us figure out which ones were the most comfortable to wear and which were the best for keeping us cool and protected. We've summed up our findings below and have several recommendations, including an overall high performer and the best option for paddling.

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Analysis and Award Winners

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Jessica Haist
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May 9, 2018

Updated May 2018
The sun is out, and it's time to start thinking about what you will wear on your head this summer to protect yourself from it. Three million people will get skin cancer this year, and no one wants to be a statistic, so slap a hat on already! We've updated our review to make sure it is current for 2018. We still love the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure and it's our top recommendation, but we have some great value picks and a good choice for paddlers. We also have full reviews for Men's Sun Shirts and Women's Sun Shirts, so make sure you take a look at those and get yourself covered this year!

Our Favorite Hat

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure

Brim Size: 3.75" front / 7.25" neck cape | Material: 100% nylon with 100% polyester mesh insets
Great protection all around, especially on the back
Lightweight material is good at wicking moisture
Good ventilation
Looks a little dorky
Our favorite competitor that we tested was the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure. It takes protection and breathability to the next level while maintaining comfort and durability. This high-performance model offers superb protection with its substantial down sloping brim and long neck cape. It's lightweight and breathable, making it an extremely comfortable choice. It has improved durability over its predecessor and can be folded and stuffed into your pack. The Ultra Adventure is ideally suited for backpacking and comes in a great selection of bright colors. It has other great features, like a sunglass keeper and anti-glare material under the brim for when you're traveling on reflective surfaces like snow and water.

With such high performance, the one thing that got sacrificed was style. This wasn't the most stylish model that we tested, and we thought the Arc'teryx Sinsola and The North Face Horizon Brimmer looked better on. But if comfort, durability, and maximum sun protection is your goal, the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure is the clear winner. From gardening or hanging clothes out on the line to sweltering desert hikes or summer kayak floats down your local creek, this hat (quite literally) has got you covered.

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Inexpensive and High Scoring

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Brim Size: 2.75 front / 7.25" neck cape | Material: 100% Supplex nylon
Extreme sun protection
Lots of colors to choose from
Packs down small
Looks very dorky
Can get hot on the back of your neck
The not only is the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap inexpensive, it was also one of the most protective and comfortable options in our test group. The Sun Runner feels soft and lightweight on, and the adjustable velcro strap helps you dial in the fit comfortably. The neck cape offers a ton of sun protection, and it is also removable, should you not like to sport that look all of the time.

While the material is breathable, the neck cape does tend to hold some heat it and left us feeling a little warm. This was more noticeable when hiking as opposed to running, where you generate a bit of a breeze yourself and get air circulating around your head more. That's probably why OR called it the Sun Runner and not hiker. It did score rather low for Style, but the look does improve without the neck cape (though the protection it offers then decreases). This makes it an even better value, since you are getting a lot of versatility from the one hat, and the Sun Runner is an excellent choice to stuff in your pack for any adventure.

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Top Pick for Paddling

Outdoor Research Sombriolet

Brim Size: 4" front/back and 3.25" sides | Material: 86% nylon / 14% polyester double weave ripstop
Good protection
Good in wind
Large brim not good for backpacking
We took the Outdoor Research Sombriolet out on the water a lot, and it was the top performer for that application. It has great coverage, an anti-glare material under the brim, and we did not experience the brim flipping up in the wind at all. Our testers found it breathable, comfortable, and even stylish. The Sombriolet has great vents on all sides of the hat and a sweatband that wraps around the inside, creating a comfortable nest for your dome. We didn't feel weird wearing this hat in a casual setting, which is rare with a truly protective sun hat, and we found it looks good on most people.

The one area where the Sombriolet didn't do so well was while backpacking. The 4-inch brim is on the stiff side, and it would jam up against the lids of our backpacks. That got annoying rather quickly. But for time on the water, the Sombriolet was our Top Pick.

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Most Stylish

Arc'teryx Sinsola

Brim Size: 3.75" front / 2.5" back | Material: 100% cotton
No drawcord
Poor in windy conditions
Not durable
If the main thing that's keeping you from wearing a sun hat is that you don't like how it looks, then consider the Arc'teryx Sinsola. This model is comfortable and stylish, and it looked good on all of our testers. Its style is classic and sleek and is perfect for casual wear around town or to festivals.

The Sinsola's brim is longer in the front than in the back, so it doesn't cover the nape of your neck very well, but that does make it work well with a backpack on. However, because there is no drawcord, every time the wind picked up we were worried that the Sinsola would fly off our heads. The material is lightweight, but it doesn't have any vents, so it wasn't the most breathable option either. But this good-looking hat is an excellent choice to throw in your tote bag while out and about.

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Editors' Choice Award
The highest performing and most versatile in our fleet, the Ultra Adventure takes our Editors' Choice Award.
Top Pick Award
A great choice for boating, the Sombriolet has decent protection from the sun and good wind performance.
Best Buy Award
What it lacks in the style department, it makes up for in protection. It is versatile and wins our Best Buy Award.
This dorky looking hat has great sun coverage and we'd recommend it for any activity.
With a lifetime warranty, you're in the club for life with this durable hat.
If you're looking for a technical model, this is not the one; wear this while walking the dog or lounging at the beach.
Lightweight and stylish, throw it in your purse and use when needed.
Lightweight, small and packable, the Sun Bucket is durable but provides less sun protection than others.
We found the Oasis somewhat uncomfortable and discovered it has no ventilation.
The Bora Bora is one-size-fits-all, and will stretch out after light use. It does offer decent ventilation and is comfortable.

Analysis and Test Results

The rating table above paints a picture of where each hat in our review ranked in overall performance. The highest scoring hats ranked well in the Protection and Comfort categories, the most important metrics in our tests. In the rest of our review, we'll explain the different test metrics that we used and let you know which models stood out in each one. We'll also discuss what to look for when considering the value of your purchase.

We put each of these hats through the wringer in our hands-on tests.
We put each of these hats through the wringer in our hands-on tests.


Sun hats are a fairly affordable purchase, and you could say they are a priceless one if they save your skin from sun damage. Most of the models in this review ranged between $30 and $50. The one outlier was the Tilly LTM6 Airflo, which retails for $90. Just because it was the most expensive option didn't make it the best model though. In fact, we preferred several options that were less than half the price of the Airflo. The chart below shows you the price of each option compared to its score, and hats that lie on the lower right side have a great value. The other option to consider with price is its versatility; if you can use a hat for a variety of activities, it will have a greater value in the long run.


We chose protection as the most important rating because this is usually the reason you buy a hat in the first place. We traditionally think of sun hats having wide, full brims, but were surprised at the most effective types all include more neck coverage. The following chart illustrates which of the hats offer the most protection.

Top scorers have enough protection to keep you fully covered throughout the day while still maintaining your sense of dignity. The most effective competitors had capes that go down the back of them, ultimately covering your neck. The Sun Runner Cap is the perfect example of this it has a cape the cinches up in the front to cover your neck from the sun.

The OR Sombriolet is a great choice for boating.
The OR Sombriolet is a great choice for boating.

The Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat is the classic trail hat with colossal visor and long neck cape that makes you look like you've just walked out of the Sahara. We've discovered the paradox that ultimately the more protective a hat is, the less stylish it will be. We think our Editors' Choice award winner, the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure, has the optimal balance of high sun protection, but you can still pull it off without feeling too ridiculous.

The Ultra Adventure has great coverage and is perfect in sunny exposed desert landscapes.
The Ultra Adventure has great coverage and is perfect in sunny exposed desert landscapes.

While all competitors have 50+ UPF ratings, contenders like the Columbia Bora Bora Booney II or the Sunday Afternoons Adventure have mesh that could allow the wearer to be more prone to sun burns through the mesh. Models that have a way to secure to your head, which means they'll stay on in the wind, are also essential for protection. We like the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat's comfortable webbing cinch around our head, and it also comes with a chin strap. All of the models we tested, except the Arc'teryx Sinsola, have a way to attach the hat to your head. The Sinsola was the most stylish hat in the bunch. The Outdoor Research Sombriolet has a removable chin strap so you can remove it for a lower dork factor if it is not needed. Brims that will stay down in the wind are also important; The North Face Horizon Brimmer - Women's brim flipped up immediately when we were sea kayaking and exposed our face to the sun and reflection from the water. That hat is meant more for tranquil lounging in sheltered areas.

The Horizon Brimmer  an offering from The North Face  does not do well in the wind and will blow up to expose your face - and make you look like a total dork.
The Horizon Brimmer, an offering from The North Face, does not do well in the wind and will blow up to expose your face - and make you look like a total dork.

2 Alternatives: Hooded Shirts or a Buff With a Cap
We have two favorite alternatives when backpacking or hiking:
1) Use a hooded sun shirt and a baseball style cap (photo below left). You get full neck protection and some extra warmth. The downside is poor ventilation around the neck and the sun can still hit your face at certain angles (as shown in the photo).
2) Take a BUFF and tuck it under a cap (photo below right). This allows for pretty good ventilation and is basically the budget DIY version of the OR Sun Runner. The downside is there is less protection for the neck, especially if your shirt does not have a collar. It's debatable if either of these options is better or worse looking than a traditional model.
Turning a cap into a sun hat with a sun hoody
Using a "buff-like" headband as a sun hat.


Comfort is essential in a sun protection hat. If your hat isn't comfortable, it's less likely that you will grab it while going out the door, whereas the most comfortable hats you want to wear even when it isn't sunny out.

The most comfortable hats are usually very soft internally and are very lightweight. The Outdoor Research Sun Bucket and the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure were the winners in this category, as well as the Arc'teryx Sinsola. We find that full brimmed competitors can be more uncomfortable, like the Outdoor Research Women's Oasis Sun Sombrero, as the stiffer brims tend to dig into our foreheads. The Sombriolet was an exception to this; because we had sized up, it was comfortably loose on us. Sizing is critical, and we make notes about any notable sizing things that came up with each contender in their reviews.

The OR Sun Bucket is versatile and cute.
The OR Sun Bucket is versatile and cute.

The lighter weight material the hat had, the more comfortable and wearable it was. The Sinsola, Ultra Adventure, and Sun Bucket were the lightest in the review and also the most comfortable. The latter two models also had decent wicking materials to keep our heads cool and dry which added to their comfort. Out of the full brimmed hats, The North Face Horizon Brimmer was the most comfortable after the Sombriolet.

We like the Ultra Adventure's webbing style cinch and is comfortable than others we tested.
We like the Ultra Adventure's webbing style cinch and is comfortable than others we tested.


Breathability is key when selecting a hat to protect you from the sun's rays. On hot days when the sun is beating down on your head, you will want a hat that not only protects you, but that allows the pent-up heat to escape.

Some hats, like the Tilley LTM6 Airflo and the Columbia Bora Bora Booney II had large mesh panels that allow air to move through and cool through convection. Some hats have materials with breathable/wicking materials, but no vents like the Outdoor Research Sun Bucket and the Oasis Sun Sombrero. The best models have both ample ventilation and are made with breathable fabrics so that your head can stay cool on hot days. These competitors are the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure, Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, and the Outdoor Research Sombriolet.

We were a bit disappointed with the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap, as the neck cape tended to trap warm air in when the front chin strap was done up, causing our necks to get hot. We also noticed the cape partially covered the mesh ventilation. The Women's Oasis Sun Sombrero, the women's version of the Sombriolet, disappointingly had no vents - compared to the four that the Sombriolet has.

The Bora Bora Booney II from Columbia has large mesh panels for ventilation.
The Bora Bora Booney II from Columbia has large mesh panels for ventilation.

As noted in the chart below, one of the most breathable hats we tested was the Outdoor Research Sombriolet. Its fabric breathes exceptionally well, and this model's crown is covered in mesh ventilation, which helps you stay cool.

The OR Sombriolet and Oasis Sun Sombrero hats.
The OR Sombriolet and Oasis Sun Sombrero hats.


A high quality, durable hat will last you a lifetime and maintain your healthy skin. The most durable hats are well made with strong materials and a crushable brim. The best ones can be crushed for days without the brim being affected at all and can be tossed around carelessly without worry.

The worst can't even be crushed and fall apart at the seams over a short time. We tested the durability of each hat by crushing it in a small ziplock bag for 30 minutes and seeing how they fared. The Tilley LTM6 Airflo bounced back immediately and showed no signs of being crushed. Tilley's hats come with a lifetime guarantee and are always an ideal choice if you're after a high level of durability. We were pleasantly surprised by the Ultra Adventure's foldable brim, which made it much more durable and packable than the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat. The Adventure Hat can only be packed flat, and when the brim is folded, it gets permanent creases in it. The Sun Runner and Sun Bucket are also very durable, packable hats that we can stuff in our packs and take anywhere.

The Tilley LTM6 Airflo is a tough and durable hat.
The Tilley LTM6 Airflo is a tough and durable hat.

We also looked out for hats that show stains. The cream-colored Adventure Hat definitely showed dirt quickly, but we like its clever webbing band over the forehead that disguises sweat stains. We also noticed The North Face Horizon Brimmer's dark garnet red color starting to show some dirt. Hat colors are tricky; you want them to hide stains, but don't want them to be too dark as to attract more sun and heat. We discovered that the Arc'teryx Sinsola's black color was quickly faded by the sun, decreasing its points in durability.

Each hat was crammed in a bag for 30 minutes and evaluated on how they fared.
Each hat was crammed in a bag for 30 minutes and evaluated on how they fared.


Style can make or break your dignity; it is often what your decision of a hat will ultimately come down to. The most stylish hats have sleek, classic looks, while the least stylish have huge brims and odd shaped or sized capes.

Usually, the more protective a hat is, the less stylish it is, so you will have to decide for yourself as to how much protection to sacrifice so that you look good. Make sure the hat is stylish enough that you will wear it. So, if it's too dorky for you ever to want to wear, even if it's what you're looking for in protection, don't buy it. All the hats with capes: the Ultra Adventure, Sun Runner and Adventure, lost style points. Three stood out in this category; the Tilley LTM6 is ideal if you're into Indiana Jones or want a pretty classic looking model. If you buy a Tilley, you'll be in an exclusive secret club and start receiving the "Tilley Nod" from other Tilley owners.

The most stylish hat in our review  the Sinsola was great for wearing around town.
The most stylish hat in our review, the Sinsola was great for wearing around town.

The Arc'teryx Sinsola was the least functional performance wise but looked the best, and we liked wearing it around town - although we're not crazy about the color black for a sun hat. Third, we loved The North Face Horizon Brimmer. This sizeable brimmed contender had great style for hanging out at the beach or in the garden. We also prefer when hats have a large selection of colors to choose, from like the Sun Runner and Oasis Sun Sombrero. We were particularly fond of the Sun Runner's purple color!

The OR Sun Runner Cap without its cape is much more stylish. Can you tell our tester Jessica Haist likes purple?
The OR Sun Runner Cap without its cape is much more stylish. Can you tell our tester Jessica Haist likes purple?


The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure is great for backpacking as the cape style will not knock into your pack.
The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure is great for backpacking as the cape style will not knock into your pack.

Make sure the hat you choose comfortable and you know you will rock it on the trail or lake. Look for the ones with biggest brims and longest capes. The most comfortable ones have soft, lightweight materials that keep you cool and are easy to wear. The Editors' Choice winner, the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat, meets all these criteria. If you're looking for a good deal and excellent performance, check out the Sun Runner.

The Patagonia Tenpenny in its native environment  chillin' on a boat.
The Patagonia Tenpenny in its native environment, chillin' on a boat.

We hope we have been able to help you narrow down your top choices to find your perfect sun protecting hat. However, if you're still unsure about which model to purchase, consider browsing our Buying Advice article for tips and guidelines to make your decision a bit easier.
Jessica Haist

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